Table Mountain hikes: take a walk on the wild side – 9 May 2017

It’s easy to assume that Table Mountain offers little wilderness and nature due to its proximity to a city. The presence of a cableway to the summit suggests to many that the mountain has been tamed. But beyond the cableway precinct, and above the mountain’s lower slopes bordering the city, much remains the same as when the first European set foot on the mountain. And there’s no better way to get a sense of this wildness than hiking Table Mountain. If you love nature and want to experience pristine wilderness, then Table Mountain will not disappoint.

Some parts of the mountain are more remote than others. For an authentic wilderness experience, Table Mountain hiking routes like Hiddingh-Ascension, Blind Gully, Victoria Gully, Spring Buttress and Frustration Ravine, to name a few, lead up wild parts of the mountain where few hikers venture. Only a vague trail marks the way, and there is much adventure in the form of scrambling and exposure to heights. Adventure aside, these routes offer lots of peace and quiet, pristine landscapes and lots of solitude. Spending an entire day in unspoilt nature without encountering another person, not seeing the city or hardly any sign of habitation, and hearing only birds and streams, await on many Table Mountain hikes.