Photo of the week – December week #2: Table Mountain hikes on the 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles is a chain of peaks extending behind the famous and iconic tabletop summit of Table Mountain. Although considered part of Table Mountain, the 12 Apostles offer a very different Table Mountain hiking experience. Sea views, pristine nature and solitude are some of the elements you can expect to find. Many Table Mountain hikes lead up the Apostles, from straightforward trails to complicated and challenging scrambles – so something for every level and type of hiker. The views are ever-changing: each Apostle have a unique shape, so views vary greatly from one Apostle to the other.

A well-defined trail runs across the Apostles, allowing straightforward access to the “Table”. If you have the time and energy, it’s worth exploring some of the topographical features found on this dissected bastion of Table Mountain: the historic reservoirs, a subterranean stream (reduced to a trickle in summer), rock labyrinths, caves and sensational viewpoints. Hiking Table Mountain is not only about reaching the summit, but absorbing nature and different facets of the mountain.

Some of the best Table Mountain hiking routes lead up the Apostles. If you like getting off the beaten track and you appreciate nature, then routes like Oudekraal Ravine, Woody Ravine, Blind Gully and Porcupine Ravine will delight you. Some of the remotest parts of the Table Mountain massif are located here. Combined with pristine slopes and coastline, and with unique angles onto the tabletop summit, the hiking is engaging and varied.