Hiking Table Mountain a second time

Feb 6, 2016

The famous table top summit of Table Mountain constitutes only about 7% of the total surface area of Table Mountain, leaving a lot of mountain to explore and a lot of views to experience. Most people want to top out on the famous “Table”, understandably, but if you’re looking for second helpings when it comes to hiking Table Mountain, there is a feast of routes to choose from.

Second Hike Experience

One of the best things about Table Mountain hikes off the “Table” is the views you get of the actual table top. Viewpoints along routes leading up the Twelve Apostles, especially, offer unique angles onto the entire mountain. More than that, they also offer more nature and solitude, peace and quiet. The diversity of Table Mountain hiking routes allows for a completely different experience second time round: different views, topography, vegetation and mood. It brings you into a closer acquaintance with the mountain, and gives you unique perspectives of Table Mountain.

The Lower Plateau

If you love nature and exploring off-the-beaten track, then a second hike up Table Mountain’s unfrequented byways will delight you. The lower plateau – the expansive part of the mountain behind the famous table top – abound with unique rock-formations, sensational viewpoints and topographical gems. Table Mountain hiking comprises far more than just an ascend of the iconic façade of the “table” typically seen on photos. A world of discovery awaits among the folds and features at the back, where you can hike for hours without encountering another hiker.

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