Table Mountain hikes to suit your sense of adventure – 23 February 2015

There can be few people who hike or climb a mountain on the back of a single motivation. There is usually a ruling motivation – to get great views, to get some exercise, to challenge yourself, to connect with nature, to escape an unbearable situation, etc. – with a cast of secondary motivations, some of which exist only in the subconscious mind. While the psychology of man’s interaction with mountains present a fertile topic of discussion, the point I’m trying to make here is this: hiking Table Mountain meets your motivation every time – if you do it right, and by that I mean taking adequate safety precautions and choosing the right route, both of which can be simplified through the use of a competent Table Mountain guide.

Most people I hike with ask for three things: views, views and more views. That doesn’t mean they don’t like adventure and appreciate nature. But with usually one shot at climbing the mountain, views rank foremost. Choose your route right, and you can pack in a lot more than views in a single hike. Table Mountain hiking might be defined by three things, in no particular order: beauty, adventure and nature.  Beauty ranging from a dainty, rare orchid to the grandeur of imposing cliffs and ravines; adventure on all levels, from exploring gloomy jungles to scrambling up exposed ridges to traversing massive cliffs along narrow ledges; nature like in raw wilderness and deep solitude. Table Mountain hikes exist for every motivation, impulse or mission. The upper cable station is an island of civilization on the summit, and the mountain is an island of wilderness in a city. Hiking Table Mountain allows you to experience the wilderness without interference from the city.