Photo of the month – July 2015: Table Mountain hikes along the Twelve Apostles

Jul 17, 2015

Hiking Table Mountain up all its routes, I’m always struck by the diversity of views you get. Some of the most dramatic views can be found on the Twelve Apostles, a chain of peaks extending behind the famous tabletop summit of Table Mountain and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This dissected bastion of the mountain offers countless views that never fail to charm and delight. Several Table Mountain hikes cover these peaks and buttresses, offering different levels of difficulty / adventure as well as vegetation and of course views. Intriguing rock-formations occur on several peaks, sending out a strong invitation to those with an inquisitive nature and explorer’s heart. Nature still reigns supreme across much of the area, allowing the intrepid hiker to experience peace and solitude in a pristine environment. The Southern Apostles encompass arguably the remotest part of Table Mountain: few people ever set foot there, and most of the hiking (and climbing) routes are overgrown, forgotten and seldom, if ever, repeated. With the city out of sight and earshot, and the Atlantic shimmering far below, you get to experience Table Mountain in its primal state.

Table Mountain hiking comprises far more than merely getting to the summit of the ‘Table’ along the quickest and easiest route. Secret places, hidden gems and diverse views await those who are prepared to venture off the beaten track. The Twelve Apostles are considered part of Table Mountain and, if you’re a nature lover, offers, in my opinion, the best hiking on Table Mountain. Peaks, caves, dramatic rock-formations, floral diversity, imposing topography, ever-changing views, peace and quiet and solitude – all this and more to be experienced on this part of the mountain.

Hike Table Mountain offers guided hikes along all the routes leading up the Twelve Apostles, covering a wide range of peaks, views as well as adventure levels.

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