Photo of the week – February week #1: Table Mountain hikes up Spring Buttress

Once known as Seventh Apostle Buttress, Spring Buttress might not be the tallest of the 12 Apostle peaks, but certainly one of the most interesting. Its convoluted topography offers much opportunity for exploration and adventure. Variation is possible round almost every corner, allowing you to increase the level of challenge. Spring Buttress offers vintage Table Mountain hiking: pristine wilderness, dramatic setting, lots of nature and ample adventure. If you love nature and you’re up for an adventure, then Spring Buttress will delight you on many levels. Few people venture up Spring Buttress, so you have the mountain to yourself as you scramble up delightful rock pitches. Peace and quiet abounds, broken only by the high-pitched call of the Cape Siskin (bird) and the dull boom of surf drifting up from far below. For those looking for adventure off-the-beaten track, Table Mountain hikes doesn’t get much better than this. To add spice to the route, follow the sensational Wood-Spring traverse in to upper Woody Ravine. It leads across a great amphitheatre of rock, picking an ingenious line across sheer cliffs. The crux section is quite technical and intimidating, necessitating the use of a rope. Hiking Table Mountain is far more than just reaching the tabletop summit of Table Mountain: the views from outcrops in the vicinity of the summit of Spring Buttress are unbeatable; and the sense of solitude meditative.