Photo of the week – February week #4: Table Mountain hiking adventure

 – Topping out on Hiddingh-Ascension –

Hiking Table Mountain can vary from a gentle stroll up a well-defined path to an exposed scramble far off the beaten track. It’s easy to think of Table Mountain as tame, because there’s a cable car to the summit and a city wrapped around it. But do not be deceived: Table Mountain is still very much a wilderness. A good route with which to get a sense of the mountain’s wildness and ruggedness is Hiddingh-Asscension via Ferny Dell (a more challenging variation to the original middle sections). In my humble opinion, this is what I regard as the most challenging hiking route on Table Mountain. You don’t encounter people on Hiddingh-Ascension; very few hikers ascend the mountain along this route. What you do encounter is raw nature and a dramatic setting. You don’t do this route to reach the summit; you do it to experience the mountain and commune with nature.

In the company of a competent and knowledgeable Table Mountain guide, you can explore the wild corners of the mountain – places few people ever set foot. The true delights and lasting impressions you get from hiking Table Mountain are found along the way, not on the summit. Not only on the summit…