Photo of the week – November week #1: Carrel’s Ledge

Nov 3, 2012

The crux on Carrel’s Ledge: an exposed step-around.

For those with a sense of adventure, Table Mountain offers several sensational traverses that lead across imposing cliffs that would otherwise have remained inaccessible to all but the boldest rock-climbers. These traverses require little in the way of climbing prowess, but you need to be sure-footed and composed. More importantly, you need a good head for heights, as all of them involve lots of exposure to heights.

Carrel’s Ledge is one of the best hiker’s traverses on Table Mountain. Opened by Jean-Antoine Carrel (d. 1890), an Italian mountaineer, it is located just below the summit along the eastern edge of Table Mountain, a 10-minute walk from Maclear’s Beacon. It takes one about 30 minutes to inch your way across, and at one point involves a tricky step around a boulder over a huge drop.

Spice up your Table Mountain hiking experience by including one of several ingenious traverses to your route. Hike Table Mountain offers guided hikes along all the traverses on Table Mountain. The best ones include Carrel’s Ledge, the Wood-Spring traverse on the Twelve Apostles, the Grotto-Fountain-Cairn traverse on the west side of Table Mountain proper and the Right Face-Arrow Face Traverse on the north / front face of Table Mountain.


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