Table Mountain Hiking Course

Jan 25, 2021

The idea for a single-day Table Mountain hiking course flowed from a desire to equip both novice and veteran hikers with skills and insights that will enhance their enjoyment of the mountains. Given people’s time-constraints (even on vacation), we distilled down the morass of hiking and mountain information and skills to a single-day course that covers all the essentials. We customize the course material to suit your level of experience and individual needs.

The hiking course covers the following experience levels

  1. Rank novice keen to get into hiking
  2. Recreational hiker wanting to up his / her game
  3. Intermediate hiker wanting to acquire advanced skills
  4. Advanced hiker wanting to acquire specialized skills (e.g. group management)

Topics include:

  1. Route-finding
  2. Leadership / Group management
  3. Mountain weather
  4. Mountain sense
  5. Dealing with rugged terrain
  6. Exposure / Dealing with fear of heights
  7. Safety on steep ground (rope work)
  8. Scrambling techniques

With Table Mountain as our classroom

We intersperse discussions with practical demonstrations. The course takes the form of a Table Mountain hike along a route matched to your experience level. We structure the course to allow for flexibility in terms of time spent on topics and actual course material.

Few mountains can be better suited to the discussion and demonstration of diverse mountain skills than Table Mountain. The varied terrain includes marshes, boulder fields, forests (semi-tropical), shrubland, scree, ravines, thickets, cliffs and exposed traverses. Micro-climates and changeable weather lend further practical component to the course. The combination of atmospheric and topographic diversity allows us to compress a wide range of subjects into a short space of time.

How big are the hiking course groups?

Groups are capped at 4 people. When combining different groups, we establish compatibility in advance to ensure for a streamlined treatment of topics. We cut through the clutter of mountain- and hiking-related knowledge by presenting the course material succinctly. We also simplify course material through a judicious selection of information customized to individuals’ experience level and preferences. The practical part of the course further facilitates the assimilation of knowledge.

As a bonus, you will also learn about the fascinating fauna, flora, history and geology of Table Mountain. Hiking Table Mountain up one of the more challenging, off-the-beaten track routes provides singular insights into the mountain and its diverse environment. Table Mountain has a layered, multi-faceted character, complex at times and complete with moods and quirks that beg closer acquaintance.

Table Mountain Hiking Course duration ranges from 6 to 8 hours.


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