Photo of the week – May week #3: A convergence of fog banks

May 22, 2013

Never in all my years of hiking Table Mountain have I seen something like this! Coming along Fountain Ledge on the west side of the mountain, overlooking Camps Bay, a singular atmospheric phenomenon was playing out: a fog bank were rolling down the Twelve Apostles on a collision course with a stationary fog bank suspended over the ocean. Both banks dissipated before they could converge, and the wind carrying the fog coming off the mountains could be seen whipping up the outside edge of the ocean-bound fog.

The proximity of mountain and sea creates micro-climates on Table Mountain, sometimes enhancing a Table Mountain hike, other times detracting from it. Cloud on the mountain often creates the most dramatic, surreal and mystical scenery and settings; it makes the landscape come alive. Table Mountain hiking always involves and change and terrain, views and very often weather, so it’s hard to ever get bored.


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