Top 10 Table Mountain hiking location #5: Grootkop summit – 10 December 2013

Dec 10, 2013

I’m tempted to vote the summit of Grootkop as my all-time favorite location on Table Mountain; but then again, I feel that way about several others! But it definitely ranks as one of my top 3 locations on the mountain… along with 3 others. Anyway, the trek up to the summit is not inconsiderable, but you are amply rewarded for your efforts. Grootkop can be approached from the north, by ascending one of many routes up the 12 Apostles (I suggest Oudekraal Ravine in this case), or from the south via Llandudno Ravine. Both approaches do justice to Table Mountain hiking in that they lead through pristine environment off the beaten track and offer great views.

Grootkop is one of the 12 Apostles and a pretty impressive one, rising proudly from the undulating summit of the Apostles. Given its prominence, it offers some of the best views and angles of the Table Mountain massif, commanding all four corners of the mountain. Few people ever set foot on the summit of Grootkop, which means a deep solitude prevails. The stillness combined for the expansive views serve as a perfect culmination to hiking Table Mountain.

Finding your way to the summit of Grootkop is quite tricky, so best to go with someone who knows the way or make use of a competent Table Mountain guide. And remember: you’re only halfway when you reach the summit.

Table Mountain hikes exist for every sensibility, preference, level of experience and sense of adventure. The summit of Grootkop will appeal to those who love nature more than adventure and who prefer to enjoy the grandeur of the mountains in peace and quiet, and who are appreciative of solitude and pristine environments.