Top 10 Table Mountain hiking location #8: Kloof Corner Pinnacle – 15 January 2014

Jan 15, 2014

When it comes to Table Mountain hiking, the best viewpoints offers views both away from the mountain – to the landscape below and the distant horizon – and back onto the mountain. Views from the summit of Table Mountain are one-dimensional in that they offer outward views only. Hiking Table Mountain takes you past locations that offers three-dimensional views: up-down, forward and backward. Kloof Corner Pinnacle is one such location. Situated midway up a conspicuous ridge running down the northwest corner of Table Mountain, Kloof Corner Pinnacle forms the apex of a buttress with a triangular facade known as Kloof Buttress. To get there, you need to follow the Kloof Corner Pinnacle route (challenging) to where a platform at the end of space will come into sight. It’s a stunning spot for morning tea or a prolonged lunch on a sunny winter’s day. Set away from and midway up the mountain, the views are exceptional: across the 12 Apostles, Lion’s Head, the city and Table Bay, Devil’s Peak, with Table Mountain towering behind.

Table Mountain hikes abound where you get unique angles onto the mountain and surroundings, away from the madding crowd, close to nature and with jaw-dropping views.


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