Top 10 Table Mountain hiking location #3: Silverstream Peak – 24 November 2013

Silverstream Peak is easily located as a hump on the left side of Table Mountain’s summit plateau when viewed from the front / city. Few people venture out to it and that’s part of it’s appeal: you share the superb views only with the wind-sculpted rocks and a weather-beaten trig beacon – no people.

Hiking up Table Mountain offers many rewards, one of them being the thrill of topping out – of reaching the summit. Since Table Mountain’s summit is actually a plateau, Silverstream Peak serves admirably as a “true” summit, giving one the satisfaction of standing on an actual peak. The summit commands the entire eastern side of the ‘Table’, offering superb views of the city, the Saddle with Devil’s Peak and back onto Table Mountain. The latter views are striking, not attainable from anywhere else on the mountain. Table Mountain’s summit plateau curves forward at its eastern end, setting Silverstream Peak away from the rest of the mountain and hence providing an unusual perspective of the mountain.

Several Table Mountain hiking routes can be structured to include Silverstream Peak. Two faint trails lead out to the peak, both of which are tricky to locate and best not attempted if you don’t know the summit area well. The peak is guarded by swathes of marshes and dense shrub, so straying from the path will result in a minor ordeal, not to mention damage to the sensitive summit vegetation.

Silverstream Peak might not be the highest point on the mountain (by a whopping 41 meters), but it offers better views and more solitude than Maclear’s Beacon – the official highest point – while providing a true summit experience.