Top 10 Table Mountain hiking locations – 5 November 2013

In choosing what I consider the top 10 locations on Table Mountain, I have taken into account the following 3 aspects:

1. Views: what can be seen at a distance

2. Setting: what can be seen in the immediate surroundings

3. Nature: how much peace, quiet, solitude and pristine nature the place offers

First up in this week’s blog is Llandudno Peak, located on the southwestern extremity of the Table Mountain massif at the southern end of the 12 Apostles. Table Mountain hiking shouldn’t always be about reaching the tabletop summit, and Llandudno Peak is a prime example why all Table Mountain hiking routes shouldn’t lead to the ‘Table’.

Two routes lead to Llandudno Peak: Myburgh’s Waterfall Ravine (B-grade / harder in winter) and Llandudno Ravine (A+ / B-grade). The peak itself is an unremarkable rocky knoll, but the views from its summit unforgettable. The tail end of the 12 Apostles makes a dogleg to the west at its southern end, and Llandudno Peak juts out from the westernmost tip of the dogleg. Set away from the mountain, it offers spectacular and unmatched views back onto the mountain and the tabletop, visible in the distance (on a clear day). Views aside, Llandudno Peak is seldom visited, so offers lots in the way of solitude. Sheer drop-offs on 2 sides, and its prominence above the surrounding landscape gives the impression of being suspended in space.

Llandudno Peak is a perfect lunch or tea spot when hiking Table Mountain – a singular convergence of views, nature and landscape.