Quote of the week – December week #4: Topping up on Nature

Jan 1, 2013

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.  

 – John Muir –

In all my years of hiking and climbing mountains, or traversing jungles and deserts, I’ve never felt short-changed by Nature: never felt that the energy and time and money spent on experiencing a particular wilderness outweighed the rewards of spending time there and getting to know it first-hand. And that especially holds true when it comes to hiking Table Mountain. I cannot recall ever coming off the mountain thinking that it was all a waste of time and energy. And how often have I come away with a sense of exaltation, of having received and experienced more than expected. Even as a Table Mountain guide, who spends much of my waking hours on the mountain – either in the line of work or leisure time – I so often see things for the first time. It is an endless journey of discovery, if you remain inquisitive and open to new sense impressions.

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