Quote of the Week: August week #3

To the mountaineer, paths are like those human and self-forgetful (selfless) souls in stories who bring two lovers together and then tip-toe discreetly out of the room; having fulfilled their purpose they should vanish, leaving him alone with nature.”

Extract from the 1937 Journal of the Mountain Club of South Africa.


Whether dipping into a dell, skirting an exposed ledge, teetering on a knife-edge ridge, verging towards the lip of an escarpment or meandering along a stream, paths will always exert an irresistible attraction to the lover of nature and mountains. Hiking on Table Mountain allows you to  explore the mountain along all types of paths, from steep and rocky to boggy and level. Some will lead you across sheer rock faces, where passage seems impossible; others turn to rock steps along rocky ridges, taking the line of least resistance among cliffs and boulders. Hiking Table Mountain, you will run out of energy long before you run out of path.

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