Hiking Table Mountain second time round – 18 November 2015

Nov 18, 2015

Table Mountain hiking offers enough diversity for years of exploration and discovery, so a second hike up this iconic landmark is guaranteed to reveal views and facets of the mountain you never knew existed. Most first-time hikers prefer to top out on the famous tabletop summit of Table Mountain, understandably so, leaving 30-odd routes up the jungle-clad eastern buttresses and the 12 Apostles (a chain of peaks extending behind the tabletop).

Table Mountain hikes on the 12 Apostles offer sea views and lots of nature. Great chunks of this bastion of the mountain remains unfrequented, so ideal for those looking to connect with nature and experience some solitude. Routes offer stunning views and interesting topography. One of the best options, Llandudno Ravine, leads up the bottom end of the Apostle range, located furthest from the “Table”. Fun and engaging hiking brings you to the summit, where you are rewarded with some of the finest views on the mountain, completely different from what you get on the tabletop summit.

Hiking Table Mountain up the forested eastern side provides a very different experience. Jungle setting and inland views on the ascent with eventual city views on the walk across the tabletop summit. Routes take in all the floral zones on the mountain, and top out at the highest point on the mountain (Maclear’s Beacon), from where a traverse of the famous tabletop summit leads to the upper cable station. Routes may be varied to include sections of the 12 Apostles.

Already hiked up once? Gain a different perspective of Table Mountain by hiking up a different route. The mountain is infinitely more than just the rectangular chunk of rock rising above the city centre. Views, nature and discovery abound on its outlaying peaks and buttresses. Table Mountain hiking routes differ greatly from one another, offering differences in adventure level, topography, views and even mood.

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