Photo of the week – December week #3: Southern Apostles

Few people are aware of the beauties and topographical gems found on the southern segment of the 12 Apostles – that chain of peaks extending behind (south) the tabletop summit of Table Mountain. Hiking Table Mountain needn’t always lead up to the famous and iconic “Table”, and for good reason: the soul of Table Mountain resides in the unfrequented regions, and the southern Apostles is one such region. Few Table Mountain guides even offer trips here, and the locals don’t bother much with it. Why? A combination of factors: appears less impressive from below than other parts of the mountain; fewer trails covering the area; remoteness from the tabletop. But the reality is, the area offers some of the best views on the entire mountain; and its remoteness counts in its favor, for rarely do you encounter other hikers – just peace and quiet and solitude in a pristine environment. As for trails, if you know the mountain well enough, there are enough recognized routes to keep you busy and lead you to the most scenic and interesting points. Best to explore the area with someone who knows the mountain well; or make use of a Table Mountain guide.

Table Mountain hiking doesn’t get better than along the southern Apostles. Viewpoints such us Llandudno Peak, Grootkop, Kleinkop and Judas Peak are unrivalled; and the topographical gems like Frustration Cracks and Tranquility Cracks, not to mention the many caves on Grootkop, make the area a delight to explore. If you want wilderness and solitude, then look no further. Hiking Table Mountain off the beaten track is to experience the essence of the mountain.