Spring Buttress on the Twelve Apostles

Aug 4, 2015

Spring Buttress on Table Mountain can be found behind the famous and iconic tabletop summit of Table Mountain. The Twelve Apostles offers some of the best Table Mountain hikes.

Spring buttress is steeped in climbing history:

Spring Buttress is a big, convoluted mass containing several routes and much variation. Features include the imposing Amphitheatre of sheer rock on the north side, a sensational traverse bisecting the Amphitheatre, a series of rock bands offering delightful scrambling and climbing, a curved ridge midway up, a shallow gully on the top section, and a route that sneaks up its impressive southern face, bypassing most tricky terrain. Since the early days of Cape mountaineering, the buttress have put out an irresistible challenge to the leading cragsmen of the day.

Spring Buttress – off the Beaten Track

Hikers can vicariously experience their feats along trails that thread through impressive cliffs bristling with overhangs. The views along the way do justice to Table Mountain hiking: rugged landscapes and pristine nature. Spring Buttress offers adventurous hikers the opportunity to explore and experience Table Mountain off-the-beaten track. While it’s a solid 2 hour hike from the top of the buttress to the famous tabletop summit (and upper cable station), the views are ever-changing and the surrounding engaging. But the real advantage of hiking Table Mountain distant from the tabletop is the chance to experience real peace and quiet, and to experience unusual views of the mountain.

The best stories never end, nor do the best trails. The summit turns out to be a mere vantage point that reveals new landscapes and peaks. And so you shoulder your pack and set out once more, tingling with presentiments of discoveries. If you love wilderness and adventure, then opt for one of many Table Mountain hiking routes that showcases the essence of the mountain in a wild setting and long challenging terrain. Not unlike Spring Buttress.

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