Photo of the week – January week #1: Table Mountain sunrise

On the eastern extremity of the ‘Table’at sunrise, overlooking Devil’s Peak

A new year has dawned and so it’s fitting to say something about dawn from the summit of  Table Mountain. Of all the special experiences that the mountain offers, perching oneself on a rock prow at dawn on the eastern edge of Table Mountain’s summit and watching the sunrise must rank as one of the most soul-soothing and sublime. The sculpted rock, the peace and solitude, the surreal light, the view across the city and its still-glittering lights to the mountains in the distance – all combine to create a scene of rare beauty.

But to experience all this, you first need to hike up Table Mountain – and sunrise from the summit is a great incentive for hiking up Table Mountain. And in summer, you need to head out at an ungodly hour to be in time; winter sunrise times allow for a later start, around 5.30am (depending on your fitness level). Either way, it’s worth the early rise many times over.