Table Mountain hikes: diversity of views – 7 April 2016

Nothing motivates people more to hike Table Mountain than the prospect of great views. Sure, there are other motivations – connect with nature, exercise, sense of achievement – but the crowning enjoyment often comes down to the quality of views. While hiking Table Mountain shouldn’t just be about views, views, views – the mountain offers so much more – looking at the surrounding landscape from a lofty height enhances the experience, no matter what your foremost motive might be.

Different Table Mountain hikes offer different views, appealing to different tastes and sensibilities in people. Great views abound on the mountain, but we each have a different appreciation of our surroundings, so some views will appeal more than others. Covering an area of about 58 square kilometres, Table Mountain offers diverse views: inland from a jungle setting, across the city, the Atlantic, the Cape Peninsula and the undulating summit plateau. Table Mountain hiking allows you to see the mountain and the surrounding landscape from different angles, and brings you to sensational viewpoints.

If you prefer sea views on the ascent, consider one of the many routes leading up the 12 Apostles. If a jungle setting and inland views on the ascent appeal more, then go for a route like Skeleton Gorge. Platteklip Gorge offers city views, while India Venster offers city, sea and Apostle views on the ascent (one of the reasons it’s such a superb route).

As an afterthought, the best views are not necessarily from the summit, but are found along the way, when you have a segment of the mountain towering at your back and the city at your feet. Which is why it makes even more sense hiking Table Mountain…