Quote of the week – September week #3: The way up

“So toiled they up the mountain slope

With faint and ever fainter hope

With faint and fainter voice the brook

Still bade them listen, pause and look”

John G. Whittier (1807 – 1892), American poet.


I dislike rushing up a mountain; feels more like work than pleasure. It becomes a superficial activity: conquer the mountain, grab some views, head back down. To each his own, but I prefer to connect with nature along the way: to make little discoveries and experience the surroundings through all the senses. Sure, there are times when bad weather or a long route demands a consistent pace; but when time and circumstances permit, I like to loiter.

Whatever your reason for hiking Table Mountain, make a point of acknowledging the mountain at least once on your way to the top, whether smelling a flower or listening to the clicking of a frog or drinking from a stream. It’s bound to enhance  your experience of the mountain.

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