Why Hike With Us

Why Hike with Us

1. Table Mountain is our office as well as playground

We don’t dabble in mountain guiding. It’s what we do for a living. We’re passionate about the mountain and love sharing it with others.

2. We believe in safety first. And fun a close second

We don’t do prim and proper well. We love laughter, humor, scintillating conversation, genuine connection, playfulness and spontaneity.

3. We know Table Mountain like the back of our hands

Every aspect down to its moods, nuances and hidden gems. We are the only mountain-guiding service that offers hikes up all Table Mountain hiking and scrambling routes. This means you get choice as well as the opportunity to explore off the beaten track.

4. We focus on Table Mountain

We specialize in Table Mountain and purposely refrain from diluting our expertise through the exclusion of other activities and mountains.

5. We have guided thousands of people up Table Mountain

From the easiest route to the most challenging, so we understand your needs in the mountains. Mountain guiding is as much about understanding people as knowing the routes and understanding the terrain. We have extensive experience in the dynamics and subtleties of leading people up mountains.

6. We are qualified and accredited Mountain Guides

But having a driver’s license alone doesn’t make you a safe or competent driver: experience is what counts most, and we have plenty. And not just mountain experience, but mountain-guiding experience – there’s a big difference.

7. We don’t act as middlemen or agents

We never pass on work to other, faceless guides. We lead all hikes ourselves.

8. We work hard to set the highest standards possible

We challenge our industry and ourselves to be better each day. And we do so from a place of passion.

9. We cater for all levels of fitness and experience

And for the full spectrum of interests. From rank beginners to hardened mountaineers. From single-minded peak baggers to soulful nature lovers. From easy strolls to challenging scrambles necessitating the use of a rope.

10. Our core values include honesty, respect and courtesy

Our defining qualities: passion, sincerity and kindness.

Since Table Mountain is such an iconic and enthralling landmark, why not make the most of it? Hike Table Mountain with an expert guide.

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