Full-day Hiking Courses

Ready to take your hiking to the next level? Keen to get into hiking and mountains, but unsure where to start? We offer a single-day hiking course tailored to your preferences, abilities and experience.

The course distils the bewildering amount of mountaineering knowledge into the barebones of what you need to be a safer and better hiker. With the iconic Table Mountain as our classroom, we cover fundamental hiking and mountain skills through practical instruction, keeping things simple and easy to remember.

Topics Include

  • Route finding
  • Leadership / Group management
  • Mountain weather
  • Mountain sense (as opposed to common sense)
  • Dealing with rugged terrain
  • Exposure to heights / dealing with fear of heights
  • Safety on steep ground (rope work)
  • Scrambling techniques

We focus on single-day hiking, although much of the knowledge can be applied to multi-day treks. To achieve customized instruction, we keep groups small (maximum four people). The course takes the form of a Table Mountain hike that covers several types of terrain. Topics are discussed or demonstrated at appropriate points along the way. 

The course aims to fast track your competence as a hiker, no matter what your current experience level. To this end, Table Mountain’s rugged and diverse terrain offers an ideal setting. As a bonus, you will also learn about the fascinating fauna, flora, history and geology of the mountain.

Course Information

Duration: about 8 hours


  • 2 people: R2500 per person
  • 3 people: R2100 pp
  • 4 people: R1800 pp

Cable car descent excluded, R240 pp

Free pick-up and drop-off in the city area

Specialized courses

For local hikers, we offer specialized courses on the following topics:

  • Route finding
  • Group management
  • Rope work for scrambling routes

These Masterclass courses contain insights and information not available anywhere else. The route finding and group management courses are the first of a kind.

Duration: about 6 hours


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