India Venster

India Venster Hike

India Venster is arguably the best half-day route to the summit, unless you suffer from fear of heights.

This sensational route leads up an imposing part of the mountain, offering superb views. Involves scrambling and exposure to heights about 15% of the way, therefore suitable for, but not restricted to the more adventurous. India Venster has seen a steady growth in popularity over the past decade, deservedly so. It takes in three sides of the mountain – remarkable for a 3-hour route. 


India Venster is moderately technical, involving scrambling (easy climbing) and exposure to heights (narrow ledges) about 15% of the way – nothing extreme, but you need a decent head for heights. If you’re not good with heights, you need determination and a sense of adventure. If terrified of heights, the route is not for you. The scrambling will only be challenging / scary to the degree you lack balance, coordination and a head for heights. No experience required in the company of a competent guide; and there is no ropework. Many locals consider India Venster less strenuous than Platteklip Gorge, a perception created by India Venster’s ever-changing views and engaging hiking.


The route follows a well-defined trail, rocky and mostly uneven, with big rock steps on the steep sections. In addition, it involves scrambling and narrow ledges about 15% of the way. The main scrambling section is fitted with climbing aids (chains and staples). About the narrow ledges / exposure to heights: to the average person, India Venster without a guide is challenging; and with a guide, enjoyable. For optimal enjoyment and safety, make use of a competent and experienced guide. Nervous or below average hikers should not hesitate making use of a guide.

Information & Prices

  • Grade: B
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Distance: About 3 km / 1.9 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 700 meters / 2300 feet
  • Cost: R1300 per person


India Venster picks an ingenious line up the famous front of Table Mountain, threading through cliffs to gain a hidden ledge high up that leads round to the back of the mountain. You get city and sea views, complemented by the dramatic setting and striking rock-formations. Table Mountain’s diverse and vegetation is well represented on the route.


  • Dramatic topography and rock-formations
  • Varied hiking
  • Adventure in the form of scrambling and exposure to heights
  • Diverse views
  • Less strenuous than other classic routes



Main attractions

  • Ever-changing views
  • Grandeur
  • Adventure
  • The ‘venster’: a photogenic rock window

Who should consider India Venster?

  • Adventurous hikers
  • Hikers with a decent head for heights wanting the best views for the least physical exertion
  • Suitable for hikers with below average fitness, but must have a sense of adventure
  • Anyone with at least a half-decent head for heights that’s up for a challenge / adventure and want an unforgettable experience of Table Mountain

Who should avoid India Venster?

  • People with fear of heights
  • People with impaired balance or vertigo
  • People with a low sense of adventure

How fit should I be to enjoy the route?

Below average to average. Average to above average. As with all Table Mountain routes, the less fitness you bring to the hike, the more determination, motivation and grit you need. The same applies to people who are averse to heights.

Compared to Kasteelspoort, India Venster …

  • Involves about 25% less distance as well as uphill (therefore less strenuous)
  • Involves more scrambling and exposure to heights (therefore more adventurous)
  • Offers more dramatic topography

Compared to Platteklip Gorge, India Venster …

  • Is slightly more strenuous than Platteklip Gorge
  • Involves much more scrambling and narrow ledges (therefore much more adventurous)
  • Offers better views
  • Is less crowded

Compared to Skeleton Gorge, India Venster …

  • Involves about 35% less distance as well as uphill (therefore less strenuous)
  • Involves more scrambling and exposure to heights (therefore more adventurous)
  • Offers more dramatic topography

We also offer other hikes on Table Mountain such as Kasteelspoort, Platteklip Gorge and Skeleton Gorge, to name a few. Take a look at the other routes we offer here.

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