Photo of the week – January week #3: Hiking Table Mountain’s eastern edge

On the eastern edge of the ‘Table’, overlooking Devil’s Peak

While one end of Table Mountain’s tabletop summit crawls with people, the other end lies undisturbed by the presence of man – as peaceful and pristine as a 1000 years ago. The presence of the cable station on the western edge of the Table has effectively banished nature from that corner; but an hour’s walk in an easterly direction will bring you to a corner of the summit plateau where nature still reigns supreme. Wind-sculpted boulders perched precariously on the edge of space; silence and solitude pervaded with the spirit of the mountains; expansive views – all this combines to create an unforgettable experience of the mountain.

The eastern edge is best explored with a Table Mountain guide, as there are only two indistinct paths leading there and they are not easy to find. Marshes and dense shrub necessitates the use of one of these paths, and it minimizes the impact on the vegetation and environment. An excursion to the eastern edge can be done as a stand-alone hike (cable car up and down) for those not interested (or fit enough) to hike up the mountain, or it can be included in a hike up Table Mountain.