Photo of the week – April week #1: Table Mountain from the east

One of the best things about hiking Table Mountain is that it gives you different perspectives onto the mountain and surroundings. Take for example the above photo: most Capetonians – even locals familiar with Table Mountain hiking – won’t be able to tell with conviction the mountain in the picture. It’s none other than the famous and iconic tabletop summit of Table Mountain, but view from the east – basically, the left side of the “Table”. Only one hiking route leads up this side of the mountain – called Ledge: challenging and not easy to find – and few hikers bother with it. It’s a great route if you know the way and enjoy scrambling.

Table Mountain hikes exist on all sides of the mountain, allowing you to gain unique perspectives of the mountain and making it feel like you’re on a different mountain altogether. The Ledges-Silverstream Traverse leads along the base of the uppermost cliffs on the above photo, linking the top pitch of Ledges with the head of Silverstream Ravine on the front / north side of the mountain. The traverse offers sweeping views across Devil’s Peak and the Saddle, and later city and sea views as well as unusual angles onto the famous front of Table Mountain. The trails on this part of the mountain are faint, so if you’re hiking Table Mountain from the east, best to go with someone who knows the area, or make use of an experienced Table Mountain guide.