Quote of the week – January week #1:Table Mountain from different angles

“To see things from a new physical angle is sometimes to see them from a new spiritual angle. You can see disas and red crassula at Kirstenbosch, but perhaps you have not really seen them until, resting on some tiny ledge, you have seen them flaring from the sheer grey rocks.”

 – Extract from C. A. Luckhoff’s book, Table Mountain –

You don’t exactly have to go as far as edging out onto a tiny ledge to fully appreciate a Table Mountain flower, but you get the picture. Hiking up Table Mountain on a fairly regular basis, I’m often amazed at how different a familiar natural feature looks when viewed from a different angle or in different atmospheric conditions. And that’s exactly what hiking up Table Mountain gives you: different angles and often the time to experience different light and atmospheric conditions.

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