Photo of the week – June week #3: Porcupine Ravine

Table Mountain hiking routes are like people in that they all have a distinct character. There are always distinguishing features to a route, whether it be landscape, views, vegetation, rock-formations or just ambiance. Porcupine Ravine is a shallow ravine that leads up the 12 Apostles, alongside the first and highest Apostle, Porcupine Buttress (with its disjointed summit, Blinkwater Peak). The ravine actually serves as the middle sections to the Diagonal Route, but the option exists to follow the ravine to its head and all the way to the summit of the 12 Apostles. The route involves a few bits of light scrambling, offers superb views over Camps Bay and the Atlantic Seaboard as well into the Blinkwater Ravine and across the adjacent crags, buttresses and ravines – a dramatic part of Table Mountain. Bizarre wind-sculpted sandstone formations greet you near the top and lead you into Arc Valley – a swampy hollow with a distinctly peaceful atmosphere.

One of the best things about hiking Table Mountain is that you experience the multitude of facets and features of the mountain, and that certainly holds true on Porcupine Ravine.