How we optimize your Table Mountain hiking experience – 30 October 2018

Contrary to popular belief, the benefits of a mountain guide far exceed mere route-finding. He or she should know about secret places on the mountain: impressive and unique rock-formations; caves and rock-labyrinths; short detours to unvisited, sensational viewpoints; off-the-beaten track routes and variations; improvised variations or shelter in the event of sudden bad weather; seasonal delights such as rock pools, waterfalls, displays of rare flowers; singular photographic locations (Wally’s Cave – currently closed – and the Diving Board are well-known, but there are many others). A Table Mountain guide should have an intimate acquaintance with the mountain, fueled by a passion for the mountain and its fascinating human and natural history. More than a thorough knowledge of the mountain, he or she should also possess competence in dealing with people on the mountain.

Hike Table Mountain guides are hand-picked for their knowledge, expertise, friendliness, passion, enthusiasm, attentiveness, integrity and fun-loving personality. Thousands of hours hiking and climbing Table Mountain, and guiding people of all abilities and interests up a wide variety of routes, combine to give us the skills and personality that ensure a safe and memorable Table Mountain hiking experience. We understand that mountain-guiding is more about people than mountains, and that, after safety, establishing a real connection with each member gets top priority.

As a team of passionate and highly-experienced mountain guides specializing in Table Mountain, we always endeavour to give you the ultimate experience of our favorite playground. Starting with route selection. Choosing a route best suited to your interests, preferences, abilities and experience greatly enhances the overall enjoyment of the hike. It’s often a fine line between weighing up preferences against abilities, and we take great care in managing expectations and suggesting the most exciting and scenic route while maintaining high safety standards.

Keeping a hawk eye on the weather, and being responsive to changes, is another significant way in which we optimize your experience of Table Mountain. Mountain weather is very changeable and unpredictable, and requires both the guide and the group to be flexible. We understand the extent to which views add to the enjoyment of a hike and as such do our utmost to ensure you get to experience the mountain in the best possible conditions – an endeavour that keeps us on our toes! Starting early in the hotter months counts towards our efforts in ensuring you hike Table Mountain in optimal conditions.

While we know the mountain extremely well – the fauna, flora, weather, geology, routes and history down to esoteric lore – we pride ourselves more on safety, integrity, passion, enthusiasm and sheer love for sharing the mountain with people. The emphasis is on fun, light-heartedness and creating experiences that will last a lifetime. Seeing the mountain and views, the dramatic topography and exquisite nature, for the first time through the eyes of the group never fails to enthuse and gratify us.

Guiding people up Table Mountain is what we do. We don’t hold down some other job and guide on the side. We don’t dabble in mountain-guiding. Mountains are our thing, and most of the time we do our thing on Table Mountain. We know well the nuances of the mountain: its moods and varied terrain, the caprices of the weather, its hidden gems. And more importantly, we love sharing it all with people. Whether you’re inquisitive, adventurous or out to commune with nature or soak up the views, or simply tick off Table Mountain from your bucket list, we’re thrilled to be part of the experience.