Photo of the week – October week #3: Lion’s Head Southeaster

Oct 18, 2012

Pieces of Table Mountain’s Tablecloth cloud-formation scudding past the summit of Lion’s Head on the back of a raging Southeaster.

Anyone familiar with Table Mountain hiking will tell you that Lion’s Head is sheltered from the Southeaster wind. True – most of the time. There are days when the Southeaster blows with such ferocity that, instead of falling flat as it comes off the front edge of the Table, it maintains its altitude and carries over onto Lion’s Head. October 17, 2012 was such a day. And not only did it give Lion’s Head a good dusting off, but even tore off bits of the Tablecloth cloud-formation (usually never extends beyond the base of Table Mountain) and flung them past the summit of Lion’s Head. I can’t recall ever seeing this happen, at least not from the summit of Lion’s Head. 

Just when I thought I had the local weather system all figured out…