Table Mountain hiking routes: Llandudno Ravine – 9 February 2017

If you’ve been up with the cableway and wish to see Table Mountain from a different angle, or if you’ve hiked up to the tabletop summit and feel like doing a second route, then consider Llandudno Ravine. It leads up the bottom end of the 12 Apostles, a chain of peaks extending behind the famous tabletop summit, and offers superb views and unique angles on Table Mountain. In fact, few Table Mountain hikes offers so many stunning viewpoints. If you’re a nature lover, the route offers much peace, quiet and solitude, as few hikers ascend this secluded part of the mountain.

There is much more to hiking Table Mountain than reaching the famous ‘Table’. The sense of wilderness you get on Llandudno Ravine reveals the true Table Mountain. And if communion with nature doesn’t do it for you, the views will delight. Panoramic views across the entire Table Mountain range as well as Hout Bay and the Cape Peninsula. One of my top 3 Table Mountain hiking viewpoints is located on this route.

Llandudno Ravine involves some scrambling with minimal exposure to heights, so very doable for most people. A more challenging / adventurous variation known as Hout Bay Corner exists about midway up the route, if you fancy some spice. Descend is via Llandudno Ravine, so you end up doing two routes in a day.

For a combination of pristine nature, engaging hiking and jaw-dropping views, this hidden gem of Table Mountain hiking will not disappoint.