Hiking Table Mountain with children – 26 August 2013

Aug 27, 2013

Table Mountain hiking is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, but extra care needs to be taken when deciding on the route. Generally speaking, kids climb better and are fitter, more adventurous, bolder and less intimidated by heights than adults, so ideally you want to hike Table Mountain via a route that involves some excitement and adventure in the form of scrambling, but not to the extent that the parents are traumatized. I’ve had families on scrambles routes with kids as young as 7 years – girls and boys – and it’s usually the parents that needs reassurance and assistance. I’ll never forget the petite, bespectacled 7-year-old girl who nonchalantly asked her mother midway through a scrambling section why she was so nervous. Parents with teenagers generally need to be prepared to step outside their comfort zones at times when hiking Table Mountain to ensure that the youngsters sense of adventure is stimulated and their minds engaged by scrambling  and / or exposure to heights. Many times have I witnessed teens trudging along on non-scrambling routes with sullen faces, bored out of their minds. Kids don’t care much about nature, rather adventure. It’s imperative that parents consult an experienced Table Mountain guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable Table Mountain hiking experience.

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