The old mountain and the sea – 22 May 2013

Known as Hoerikwaggo, mountain in the sea, by the indigenous Khoi-khoi inhabitants of the Cape, and once an island separated 20 miles from the mainland, Table Mountain rises almost sheer from the Atlantic. Mountain- and seascapes combine to make hiking up Table Mountain an unforgettable experience. While the hum of city traffic drifts up from below on routes up the front / north side of the mountain, the hiss of the ocean, and sometimes the boom of heavy surf, can be heard along routes up the Twelve Apostles – a chain of peak extending behind the tabletop summit. If you have an affinity for the sea, you should consider hiking Table Mountain from the west, up the Twelve Apostles, which offers superb sea views from start to finish. The north side offers views across Table Bay and the start of the west coast of Africa; from the south side, you can look across Hout Bay and the east side offers distant views of False Bay. One of my favorite routes is Victoria Gully, where you find yourself surrounded by pristine nature, solitude, sheer cliffs, august peaks, and the silence broken only by the crashing of waves far below. From the gloom and mystery of indigenous jungle to sun-baked, seaboard peaks, Table Mountain hiking leads you into the lap of nature.