Photo of the week – August week #2: Table Mountain fogbound

Of all the weather conditions you might encounter while hiking Table Mountain, the most dramatic must surely be when fog rolls in off the Atlantic and piles up against the mountain’s northern and / or western slopes. Sometimes the fog creeps up the sheer cliffs and over a portion of the summit or 12 Apostles, creating otherworldly and grand views as well as settings. Brocken Specters (small, circular rainbows formed around the viewer’s distant and elongated shadow) typically occur in these conditions. The views become dynamic, changing all the time as the fog swirls and eddies around the buttresses and into the ravines. Sometimes it rises up to meet you halfway up the mountain, transforming your surroundings into a mystical setting where the rocks look like prehistoric creatures looming in the mist. Some of the best views I’ve had while hiking Table Mountain were in such conditions.