Photo of the week – April week #3: Blinkwater Peak

Porcupine Buttress is the first of the 12 Apostles: the first in the line of 17 buttresses extending behind the tabletop summit of Table Mountain. Most of the Apostles have its own distinct peak, but not Porcupine; though a well-defined buttress along its lower portions, it merges into the mountain further up and culminates seemingly peaklessly on the Apostle skyline. But there is a peak, known as Blinkwater Peak, highest of the 12 Apostles. Not very conspicuous, it offers some of the best views on Table Mountain and offers peace and solitude to boot. But Table Mountain hiking is not just about the views – far from it: it’s also about the terrain – rock-formations and vegetation – and the approach to Blinkwater Peak from the southwest offers much in the way of sculpted rock. Table Mountain hiking routes do not always top out on a peak, like Porcupine Ravine, an otherwise great route, but without a climactic finish. A faint path branching off into a north-easterly direction just above the head of the ravine leads through an area of wind-sculpted boulders and terminates on Blinkwater Peak – a stunning way to end of a Table Mountain hike. The area is rarely visited and offers peace and quiet in abundance.

Table Mountain hikes can adjusted to suit your preferences, sense of adventure, experience and fitness IF you know all the routes – one of the main reason why a guide can maximize your experience of this fascinating mountain.